About Us

Who We Are

The DC Health Care Workforce Partnership is an industry-driven, community-supported sector-based alliance, consisting of health care businesses from three subsectors — acute care; ambulatory and behavioral health; and nursing, residential and long-term care services — and core partners and network supporters.

  • Health Care Employers located in the District’s labor market lead the work by defining the agenda and driving it forward.
  • Core Partners are aligned under the mission to implement strategic solutions to get DC residents career positions and keep the industry strong.
  • Network Supporters are partners that engage in supportive services to plug in resources, create connections and coordinate activities.

What We Do

We are business leaders aligned under a common purpose to realize an industry-driven Career Pathway System where:

  • Every DC resident is ready, able and empowered through lifelong learning, sustained employment and economic security.
  • Health care related businesses in DC are connected to skilled DC residents based on market needs to successfully compete locally, regionally and globally.
  • Education, training and supportive services are coordinated, cohesive, and integrated through public and private partners working together.

Where We Are Headed

  • Health Care as a Career Destination: Promote the health care industry as a first-choice career destination for District residents.
  • Curricula Design & Training: Assess the current curricula resources and training programs for the five prioritized health care career positions.
  • Career Pathway System for the Industry: Assess current needs and assets of career pathway programs to inform the development and sustainability of an industry-aligned career pathway system.

The DC Health Care Workforce Partnership is funded wholly or in part by the Government of the District of Columbia Workforce Investment Council (WIC).